Honda S2000 Fuel Anti-Starve Baffle Plate


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Economical solution for the Honda S2000 fuel starvation problem for track cars and high horsepower drag race applications.

Honda S2000 has an internal fuel pan with a poor design as the upper edges angle outward and the walls are not tall enough the retain the fuel inside the pan around the fuel pump.  This is a cover for the inner fuel pan, which prevents the fuel from spilling out of the pan on long left hand turns and hard launches.

I firmly believe that this is a better alternative to fuel surge tanks since it is easy to install, costs less, less weight, and it is safer (since there are no fuel lines/pumps/tanks being routed inside the trunk).


  • Easy to install – only takes 1-2 hours
  • Rounded edges to prevent cutting fingers during install.
  • Proper material thickness that allows bending of the tabs and a solid permanent attachment.
  • Made out of aluminum so it will not rust or create a spark during install.
  • Laser cut for dimension accuracy and clean finish