Not listed diffusers

We began to notice that our customers buy our diffuser and install it on a car that is not in the list of our products.

Fancywide V1 rear diffuser for BMW E36 fit with modifications on BMW E34 by customer. Owner – sayed_ali90

First E39 Touring with rear diffuser for BMW E39 fit with modifications by customer. Customer – thecustomshopnyc

Rear diffuser by #Fancywide for BMW E39 TOURING!

Perfect #e30 with custom wheels and #Fancywide rear diffuser for BMW e36 V2 rear diffuser. Fit with modifications by customer. Customer – jimgummy

All these diffusers were modified by the buyers themselves in order to install on another car.

I hope in the near future we will be able to add new goods for other cars. Subscribe to our instagram.